Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Unboxing and Review

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 'space black' is a worthy successor to last year's Redmi Note 6 Pro. Xiaomi caused a Pocophone-type hype for the sub $150 category and the 'how' is not that far fetched as seen in this review video. The Redmi Note 7 is not without cons, it still lacks a front firing flash and uses a hybrid SIM rather than a true dual SIM card which most phone brands are on board with in 2019. The rest would be nit-picking.

Moreso, you're probably getting a much better deal when you buy any of the 4GB RAM variants because the 3GB RAM variant is really not going to hold that many apps, especially for those who like to leave the browser open and return to it. I think the overall speed and smoothness more than makes up for it + the best part that is the fact that Camera2 API is enabled from the manufacturer and can be installed without any tinkering. Just download and install. I got my GCAM Version from here http://bit.ly/RedmiNote7GCAM

PS. Battery life got even better (about 10 hours SOT) after the latest MIUI 10.3.5 update which is very stable. For now, no bugs discovered yet.

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Xiaomi partnered with Jumia Nigeria and if you're looking to grab one at the price in the video, you have to play by their regular flash sale rules for now. They usually start at 12PM (noon) and the phones sell out real fast. Here's a Link http://bit.ly/2PCAWP6

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