Super Simple Power Supply & Transformer Autopsy

منتشر شده در 31 فروردین 1397

Another Chinese USB charger / power supply. Rated 5V 500mA. This one has probably the simplest possible schematic. Just a single transistor, no optocoupler, half wave rectifier, no interference filter at all. The isolation distance on the board is 2.5mm, this is above Chinese average, but still could be better. The transformer is dodgy, it has just 1 - 2 layers of sticky tape between windings. The sticky tape is a bit drifted to the side, so the first / last turn of secondary can possibly meet the primary. There's no fuse, just a chinese "onboard fuse". No inrush limiter. The output diode is 1N4148 rated 150mA, despite the supply is rated 500mA. It has different USB output configuration compared to other supplies. One data pin is connected to GND and the other one is not connected to anything.

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