This video shows Bionet BT-Link Mobile's server ...

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This video shows Bionet BT-Link Mobile's server vs client mode.

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BT-Link Mobile is a smartphone application that enables you to monitor one of the multiple Bionet patient monitors connected directly to a smartphone or tablet in the same network and to receive alarms from the selected Bionet veterinary monitor including the BM3Vet Touch and BM7Vet. The App receives all numeric parameters and waveforms while capturing the patient’s numeric data and waveforms as images. In addition, the App can record and save numeric data to a PDF file.

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Features of BT-Link Mobile

  • Installation via the Google Play Store ( or Apple App Store (
  • Compatible with BM3Vet Touch and BM7Vet Monitors
  • Realtime Monitoring of All Parameters and Waveforms
  • Captures Numeric Data and Waveforms as Images
  • Record Patient Trend Data and Save as PDF
  • Provides Push Alarm Notifications when the Connected Patient Monitor Sends Alarm Signals to the App

BT-Link Mobile can be installed through Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

  1. In Google Play Store ( or Apple App Store (, type Bionet in the search window.
  2. Select Bionet BT-Link Mobile and install the app.

BT-Link Mobile has a waveform view mode where user can capture the waveform image of the selected parameter. Parameters which have waveform view are ECG, SpO2, Resp, EtCO2, IBP, and anesthetic gas.

BT-Link Mobile records patient trend data and save as PDF.

BT-Link Mobile for Android can also work in the background. The app gives a push alarm if the connected patient monitor sends alarm signals to the app. (Caution: BT-Link Mobile for iOS doesn’t work in background mode.)

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