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This video shows how to install Bionet BT-Link software.

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BT-Link is an automated veterinary monitor software program that enables you to interface Bionet veterinary monitors (BM3Vet Touch and BM7Vet) directly to a Windows-based computer. The software can record the patient’s numeric data and waveforms in real-time or retrieve the saved patient’s numeric data from the devices. In addition, the software supports various report formats and file types, such as PDF, and formatted text file. The user can attach the reports or the saved files directly into the electronic medical record of the veterinary practice management software s/he already uses.

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Features of BT-Link

  • Interface with Bionet Veterinary Monitor – BM3Vet Touch, BM7Vet
  • Record The Patient’s Numeric Data and Waveforms in Real-Time
  • Supports Various Report Formats and File Types
  • The Reports or The Saved Files Can Be Attached Directly into The Electronic Medical Record

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